You can buy anything online. So why can’t you buy a roof online. At Cyber Contractor we make storm restoration and roof replacement online possible. We hire local companies in your area through our extensive approval process. You can rest easy knowing that your money stays local. Our decades of experience and expertise are on your side so you do not have to worry about fishy contractors.

Our system is the first of its kind. Our questionnaire is patent and trademarked to give you a one of a kind experience. We take pride in bringing homeowners online roof replacement.

Mother Nature Attacks

If you have experienced a storm in your area you most likely have storm related damages to you property. Most of these damages will be covered by your homeowners insurance. Hail the size of golfballs will cause major damage to your property including your roof.

Take Questionnaire

Our questionnaire is designed to gather information about your experience so we can give you an online experience. Days of allowing strangers in your home are over. All the information gathered during the questionnaire will be used during the process. The questionnaire will guide you through and educate you along the way.

Hire Cyber Contractor

Once you finish the questionnaire you are guided through the process of hiring Cyber Contractor. With everything online you are never pressured to sign anything. You have the comfort of talking to your loved ones and reviewing the documents that you are signing. You will upload all documents at this time and learn how payment is made.

Work Completed

Work is started immediately after hiring Cyber Contractor. All paperwork is submitted and communications with the insurance company begin. Once a scope of work is approved by the insurance company you will select the material to be used on your property. This is made easy through our online process. You will see photos and explanations of everything you choose. After the material is approved a local company is hired and work begins.

Claim Closed

After the work is completed you will be guided through an approval process. We will upload photos and explanations for you to approve. Once you approve the work that is completed all documents are submitted to the insurance company and final payments are disbursed. The insurance company will close the claim and you can start enjoying the newly added value to your property.

Become A Return Customer

We know that once you experience the ease of Cyber Contractor you will return next time a storm damages your property. We offer all of our return customers a gift to show our appreciation.

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